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This Is Me

I am Julian Brooks, creative writer and graphic artist. Born and raised in Chatham on Chicago's south side, my upbringing was saturated with inspiration, inspiration that I attribute to the city’s multifaceted culture and urban beauty. Like many before me, I was destined for the arts. Since 2009, I have devoted countless hours toward honing my craft, either by freelance work or personal projects. In 2010, I made a slight departure from the creative world when I enlisted in the United States Air Force, serving six years thereafter in active duty. Still, I returned to my creative roots, albeit in my leisure. In 2016, within a month of fulfilling my service commitment, I completed and self-published my novel Arcan: The Missing Nexus, the first entry in my fantasy and science-fiction series. In conjunction with the launch of my novel, I founded EPOCH Studios, LLC, the company under which my novel is published. It is my every intention to one day be recognized as one of the greatest creative minds to emerge within the entertainment industry. Like many, I’ve relished dreams of fame since my youth. Every step thereafter has been one of ambition, taking me closer toward my goal.

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