Urban Artists & Storytellers


EPOCH Studios is an exclusive independent publisher of Fantasy and Science-Fiction stories. Storytelling is our craft. Forging a universe of new imaginative worlds is our mission.


Our Creed

We are urban artists. We are storytellers.

We are creatives, paving our path in the entertainment industry. We are passionate writers, digital artists, gamers, and purveyors of fantasy-fiction. We are devoted subscribers to the media of today, equipped with opinions and solutions. We are the intellectual progenies of our artistic forefathers, forever expanding our imagination through art and science. We are crusaders, forging our names in the annals of a new renaissance. Our mission: to groom exclusive stories into classics of the new age. Our vision: to create a universe of new worlds and characters, each more thrilling than the last. We have come to etch our mark in the stone; to usher in an era of innovation. We are the dawn of a new EPOCH.


The Creatives

Image of Julian Brooks

Julian Brooks

Founder + Director

Julian Brooks is an author driven by a vision grown from the imagination of his childhood. Though an assertive visual artist, words have always proven fulfilling instruments of story-crafting. Like many authors, his origins reside with various stories conveyed through books, video games, film, and music. Chicago, his home, has sculpted an artist appreciative of numerous art forms. His wife, children, and German Shepherd are the fire that drives him. His love for fantasy and consciousness of others like him were the foundation of what has become EPOCH Studios. His mission is to build a universe with his peers of fellow creators.

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Damien Taylor

Project Manager

Chicago runs through Damien's veins, and for him, home is where the heart is. But, he currently lives in a cozy little space in Delaware, not so unlike the holes in the walls of Hobbiton. He is a man of faith above all things. Storytelling was a grace afforded to him in addition to his spiritual calling. God is the true author. Before traversing the fantasy worlds in his vast imagination, Damien has to have a cup of his creative elixir—more commonly known as coffee. It prepares him for the never-ending dialogue between him and his characters, great journeys and fierce war. There's a story in everything, and he can tell it to you with riveting flair. His passion originates in books and video games, from Lord of the Rings to Final Fantasy. To hear his stories is to be mesmerized. Watch a fantasy blossom inside your mind. 

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Kyle May


Since childhood, the imagination of Kyle May has been consumed by grand epics and dark mythologies. It's no mystery that when he came of age he threw himself into shaping and constructing works of great fantasy. Born and raised just outside of Chicago, the adventure of living so near to a cultural hub shows in his writing, whether it be in the diversity of his inspirations, from comics to novels, eastern influences and western folklore. The life lessons taken from his devotion to fiction are woven through his pen to form a captivating narrative. His stories will enchant even the most skeptic reader.

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Pierre Gilson


Pierre Gilson can be described as a writer of all trades. Writing stories for narrative and visual media are only some of his talents. He is a Creative Writing Major, and soon-to-be film student. His inspirations come from his faith; he is a God-fearer and proud of it. Stories that touch the heart of the human experience, social issues, myth, and theology push him to present his truth. Whether it is in novels, comics, animation, film, or editorials, he is all about bringing out the core. He is a California resident, but a Delaware-born citizen. His goal is for his stories to impact the world in a positive way, shedding light on a world that continues to see the darker side of things.

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Courtney May


Through drawn and written form, Courtney May has always relished the art of storytelling. Growing up in a small suburb outside of Chicago never stopped her from dreaming of faraway lands. A deep knowledge of the popular YA genre as well as inspiration drawn from the anime industry guides her in her quest to create strange new worlds, the likes of which have yet to be seen.

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