Dark Days Ahead

The sun has begun to set on Terra, giving reign to the unholy Night foretold by the Verses. The Exxarians have returned to reap the destruction sown into the earth several millennia ago. But the object of their ruinous plot has eluded them in the form of a crafty soldier. Kyran, the last of the Arcans and bearer of the Godfall, finds himself on an unlikely journey, uncovering secrets about his primordial lineage. Such secrets, once realized, could mean the downfall of a calculated and genius scheme for the Exxarians. But while Kyran endeavors to find his way, the Exxarians grow ever closer to the culmination of their apocalyptic design. He is the final piece.

Arcan: The Missing Nexus

  • Author: Julian C. Brooks
  • Genre: Fantasy/Sci-Fi
  • Pages: 460
  • Ages: 12-22
  • Publisher:
    EPOCH Studios, LLC
  • Publication Date:
    June 20, 2016


  • 978-0-9975570-0-8 (print)
  • 978-0-9975570-1-5 (ebook)

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Arcan: The Missing Nexus. Copyright ©2016 by Julian C. Brooks. All rights reserved.
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Exxaria's first creation, the Titan, is the perfect force to conquer the Creator's heavens and it has already begun the road to its unholy return. But before it can reach Arcryfa it must consume Terra and regain its strength. Still bound to the Godfall, however, the unholy abomination's emergence is now dependent upon a crafty Arcan with a talent for survival. With the Descended, the last of Exxaria's progeny, whipping every force they can muster at Kyran there's no telling how long the Godfall might remain intact. Should the Titan emerge, frail Terra will not have the strength to endure its apocalyptic footfalls.


Book Two

Maybe it’s a necessary distraction, Kyran thinks. The people of Terra have seen grim days in the many recent moons and their morose has only fed the cancerous ether in the atmosphere. They've beckoned for countless generations and many have died with the silent reply. At long last, it would seem the looming shadow of the worldly menace has yielded the ancestors' answer.

The Vengeant, an ancient and sacred contest of valor, signifies the return of Arcallythe, the tradition's sole proprietor and Terra's greatest superpower. For the ailing spirits of the world, there is no event more promising or more deserving of their energy. United across the globe, they have begun to rally behind their Champions in their march toward the brilliant beacon of providence. Glory and riches are at stake, but a revival of faith is the true reward.

For Kyran, it could be the perfect step toward deliverance from a less abstract enemy. Time is urgently running out and the ever menacing Titan becomes more and more of a certainty. The tournament seems a springboard in the right direction. The problem with this great beacon is that it’s sure to lure all manner of ambition. Kyran and his companions must be ready to sift through the noise and the masquerade and strain out the forthcoming evil. Or else, a promising opportunity could become an unfavorable predicament.

Kyran Unikade
  • Age: 24
  • Height: 6'0"
  • Race: Arcan
  • Home: Lyandara, Araunis

Raised by an exalted soldier of the Araunian Guard, Kyran was mentored and trained in the rigorous art of swordsmanship and honor, though both virtues soon became extinct. He resigned from the social frontier and exiled himself to his military duties, keeping his company few and tight. Though his humor is dark and cynical he maintains his optimism.

  • Age: 24
  • Height: 5'2"
  • Race: Aneian
  • Home: Helmya, Nechidia

Though stern and severe in every instance, Rheya is wide-eyed and adventurous. Raised by the proud Tor tribe, she was groomed into a fierce warrior. She sprang at the chance to join the ranks of the Amazonness, a revered sorority of guardians sworn to protect the All-Mother, Gaia. But as her world slowly becomes more fraught with black rain and other uncanny omens, she returns to her more spiritual nature. She yearns for the coming of a worthy hero.

  • Age: 26
  • Height: 5'11"
  • Race: Aneian
  • Home: Gaia, Nechidia

Frequently changing locations as a child groomed a very cultured warrior of Demus. Consequently, it also made it simple to neglect his inheritance of the proverbial Oru'Gaead throne. Highly skilled and troublesome, Demus has a knack for meddling where he shouldn't, which has caused some tension to rise on the tribal fronts of Nechidia. However, recent days have caused his abnormal illness to flare more violently than usual. The rasping winds whisper the coming of a looming menace.

  • Age: 30 (25, Hulcan)
  • Height: 6’2”
  • Race: Hulcan
  • Home: Somewhere in the Azora

Great mystery shrouds the solemn Hulcan, often in the form of deliberate silence. He has mastered the principles of calculation and poise, making his miraculous feats seem effortless and graceful. And yet, he is now thrust into a predicament completely devoid of any comprehensible logic, his ultimate adversary. With his home overrun by a dark and terrible foe, he is desperate to locate the mythical grail that will undo their plight. Despite his code, he is convinced that he must rely on an ensemble of strangers if he hopes to ever liberate his beloved home.

  • Age: Unknown
  • Height: 5’5”
  • Race: Unknown
  • Home: Unknown

A mysterious individual of unknown origin and intention, but unquestionably beautiful. Her mysterious and sudden emergence is synonymous with trouble, mostly unwanted.

  • Age: Unknown
  • Height: 5’8”
  • Race: Aneian/Ebonea (Elve)
  • Home: Witchcroe’s Bayou

Odd beyond comparison, yet equally wise. RéKudo is one of very few Revenants and has much to account for in his many centuries of traversing Terra. He relocated to Nechidia where he hoped to escape the many griefs that had befallen him throughout his lifetime. There he could hone his myriad of practices. But, as he’s learned on countless occasions, nothing good is meant to last. However, this time, the world is in danger of something far worse than ever before. The omens loom for much longer than he’s ever witnessed. He must again resurface, but not without first moving the proper pieces into place.



To say the Exxarians are a race of demons is to credit their kind with any sort of a life at all. Regardless, Exxarians are a species made of the dregs of absolute evil, like an ancient bacteria that gestated too long in the chasms of Yva. These infernal creatures can only imitate the Created beings upon which they prey, but lack the essential ingredient to truly thrive: a soul.

These abominations form a hive legion with no ambitions beyond their insatiable need to feed. Ironically, their flawed being makes them formidable. Their foes find themselves battling sinewy creatures of liquid form, but fare no better than they would thrashing in the middle of a tar pit. Most succumb to an Exxarian without ever gleaning an ounce of hope.

Few can exploit their imperfection. Fewer can manage it.

Under the command of terrible lords, these infernal hellions threaten to conclude Terra's final chapter. It will take a mountain to break the tide of destruction. Or an Arcan.


A dystopia in ruin. A Utopia in Peril.

The evil that threatened the world in the beginning has come to taper the end. The Exxarians are creatures of nightmare whose horrors no gospel could ever realize and they've come to claim the world once more.

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Julian C. Brooks

Two Decades In the Making

Julian Brooks is an author driven by a vision rooted in the imagination of his childhood. Though an assertive visual artist, words have always proven fulfilling instruments of story-crafting. Like many authors, his origins reside with various stories conveyed through books, video games, film, and music. Chicago, his home, has sculpted an artist appreciative of numerous art forms. And though his premier series, Arcan, is a plethora of lore and fiction, he has many other titles waiting to be shared. His love for fantasy and consciousness of others like him were the foundation of what has become EPOCH Studios. His mission is to build a universe filled with his peers of fellow creators.