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Arcan: The Missing Nexus

Kyran must keep the Godfall from falling into the clutches of the Exxarians or otherwise doom all of Terra to the footfalls of the Titan.

★★★★★ You will not know if you read it or watched it. Highly Recommended. Danny Thomas


Enigma: Awakening

The horde of soul-drinking Abyssians draw near and Darwin must save his family before it's too late.

★★★★★ ...This book certainly reawakened my love for the epic fantasy genre. Angela J. Ford, Amazon Bestselling Author



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We love to see the creative imagination at its best, it’s what we strive for. Our brand, or more so, our symbol, is a marquee that represents creativity. That’s why we have something of a bias toward the Fantasy and Science-Fiction genres. We believe there are great creative successes that the mainstream has to offer, but it is in the indie world where the art is at its purest. Aside from our own original work, that’s what we intend to celebrate.


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