Enigma: Awakening


Enigma: Awakening


The Orbs Have Awakened

Time is of the essence for Darwin Valkyrie as he races across the heartland of Vail before the Abyssian Horde arrives to diminish its flourishing souls. Having made it to his home city, the young lieutenant must quickly take his mother and sister from everything they know and meet the Militia before they depart west—the only hope to escape the doomed desert continent. But when the hand of fate and its veiled intentions intervenes, the turn of events takes a mysterious course. Suddenly in possession of an ancient and divine orb and three pages that speak of riddled knowledge, Darwin finds himself endowed with incredible abilities and powers. The egregious soul drinking Abyssians should pray the orb-bearer doesn't discover the extent of his potential, nor decode the inscriptions of the pages; potentially uncovering the secrets of their origin and a means to destroy them.

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Enigma: Awakening (3rd Edition)

Format: .epub (EPUB)

File Size: 11.5 MB

Author: Damien Taylor

Publisher: EPOCH Studios

ISBN: 978-0-997-0208-1-6