Time is of the essence for Darwin Valkyrie as he races across the heartland of Vail before the Abyssian Horde arrives to diminish its flourishing souls. Having made it to his home city, the young lieutenant must quickly take his mother and sister from everything they know and meet the Militia before they depart west—the only hope to escape the doomed desert continent. But when the hand of fate and its veiled intentions intervenes, the turn of events takes a mysterious course. Suddenly in possession of an ancient and divine orb and three pages that speak of riddled knowledge, Darwin finds himself endowed with incredible abilities and powers. The egregious soul drinking Abyssians should pray the orb-bearer doesn't discover the extent of his potential, nor decode the inscriptions of the pages; potentially uncovering the secrets of their origin and a means to destroy them.

Enigma: Awakening

  • Author: Damien T. Taylor
  • Genre: Fantasy/Sci-Fi
  • Pages: 328
  • Ages: 12-22
  • Publisher:
    EPOCH Studios, LLC
  • Publication Date:
    February 28, 2019
    (3rd Edition)


  • 978-0-9970208-2-3 (print)

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The Cast


The White Fox Militia

An army comprised mostly of Men from across all corners of Vail that became the opposing answer to the Abyssians. Founded by Thaddeus Orlandu and Harland Darkheart, former nobles of the Northern Kingdom who renamed themselves White Foxx and Shadow Foxx, the renowned Militia became a militant force to be reckoned with. From boyhood or from the moment of enlistment, severe training in the form of life or death trials was designed and conducted to weed out the the weak. With the growing Abyssian threat, there was no room for cowardice, the unskilled, or the obstinate.

The Militia is split into nine battalions called Tails. The Tails fall under the leadership of their captains, who fall under one of the three brigade commanders, whom in turn fall under the two Generals. During the militia’s prime years, the number of soldiers had reached approximately 20,000. During this time, no one believed in the strength of Men against such beasts until the vigor of the Militia shook the world in their victory during the battle for Daryak, capital of the Vanik Isles, and their many subsequent triumphs.

But even still, the near 20,000 ranks were quickly depleted over the last few furious decades to the present time as the evolution and might of the Abyssians effected the grueling war tremendously. Due to much tragedy and unsettled differences, Shadow Foxx left the Militia behind, taking many loyal soldiers with him to create his own resistance. This left the Militia’s manning scarce, presenting them with only two options that would determine their fate: die honorable deaths in the war set before them, or regroup in a distant place of momentary safety to figure out both theirs and Vail’s clouded future.


Land Plagued By Death

Vail is vast, but not beyond the reach of the Abyssian Horde.


Damien T. Taylor

Before traversing the many fantasy worlds in his vast imagination, Damien Taylor has to have a cup of his incredible creative elixir more commonly known as coffee. It prepares him for the never-ending conversations and requests of his characters, and also for great journeys and battles. 

After pursuing a bachelor's degree in creative writing at Columbia College Chicago, he enlisted in the United States Air Force and went on a hiatus from the writing world before his quest became, become a published author. The career change could do nothing in silencing those who existed in his head. He had no choice but to oblige and put pen to paper.

Chicago runs through his veins, and for him, home is where the heart is, but he currently lives in a cozy little apartment in Dover, Delaware, not so unlike the holes in the walls of Hobbiton, with his amazing God-fearing wife and very busy baby-girl. 

If he's isn't busy writing the next book of the Enigma series, or calling shots around EPOCH Studios, you will quickly discover him gaming furiously or watching movies filled with knights and kingdoms.