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  • "The story throws you into an endless ravine of mystery, suspense, action, and duty. I only wish I could fall faster." —Danny T., Amazon Customer
  • "...While I'm HUGE on character development, I'm blown away at the world he's created (Terra)." —Curiouser Editing
  • "Brooks brings a refreshing take to the fantasy genre along with a new set of dynamic characters and lore to discover."—Angela J. Ford, The Four Worlds Series

The Long Night Comes

The sun has begun to set on Terra, giving reign to the unholy Night foretold by the Verses. The Exxarians have returned to reap the destruction sown into the earth several millennia ago. But the object of their ruinous plot has eluded them in the form of a crafty soldier. Kyran, the last of the Arcans and bearer of the Godfall, finds himself on an unlikely journey, uncovering secrets about his primordial lineage. Such secrets, once realized, could mean the downfall of a calculated and genius scheme for the Exxarians. But, while Kyran endeavors to find his way, the Exxarians grow ever closer to the culmination of their apocalyptic design. He is the final piece.